David deBoisblanc US Navy


2014-08-08David deBoisblanc served in the 6th fleet aboard the USS Forrestal (CV59). He served with distinction in the ships engineering division. He was recognized for outstanding performance and received  several Captain’s commendations. Petty Officer deBoisblanc was active int the Syrian Missle Crises, the confrontation with Khadafi in the Gulf of Sidra and several other mideast conflicts.

IMG_0686The Forrestal in the Mediterranean during mideast deployment. Note the damage to the aft crane just forward of the fantail area. We collided lightly with the tanker that was refueling us and the fleet during an underway replenishment (UNREP).

The link below has somber video on the fire that changed the Navy’s firefighting methods. John McCain was central to this story. I also have some personal stories about the ship as well.



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