About David deBoisblanc


David deBoisblanc is the Chief Operating Officer for Visual Integrator Consulting. Visual Integrator Consulting is Laser Focused on Microservices Architecture and Enterprise Integration. Known as the API Experts, we enable our client’s success in the new Microservices Paradigm.

.After serving in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Forrestal in Middle Eastern conflict zones, he studied business management at Oglethorpe University. David deBoisblanc subsequently joined Tactics in Atlanta as its business development leader in 1995 and spearheaded a spike in growth from $5 million to $30 million in annual revenue. In the process, he reoriented the firm and changed the business model from contract-based to project-based consulting.

Following the firm’s merger with Stonebridge Technologies, Mr. deBoisblanc took over sales management functions and led a team of 40 employees. Over a period of two years, he helped double the revenue from hardware sales and triple the revenue from services. Joining TITAN Technology Partners in 2002, Mr. deBoisblanc guided the firm’s transition into the IT outsourcing sphere and managed company sales and marketing functions. In that capacity, he helped the Charlotte, North Carolina, firm bolster its operations in India, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. David deBoisblanc enjoys weight training and other fitness activities in his free time.


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