Some Great Books and a Return to Posting


I haven’t posted here for a while as I reached a critical moment with White Forest and its first year that required me to spend a great deal of time business building. I am now going to pick up writing again.

I did find time in the evening to do some reading. Here are couple of books that I read that you might be interested in:

Gorilla Mindset, by Mike Cernovich. This a great no nonsense approach to improving your life from business, to health and to relationships. Mike has a great web presence at ; he does podcasts and has a youtube presence. If you are sensitive to political correctness be warned, Mike’s messages sometimes trespass those current cultural boundaries.

But therein lies one of his secrets, the absence of what he calls a slave mentality. Slave to others, in finances, from your own programming and in your thinking.

You don’t have to agree with him culturally or politically to reap huge benefit from his tools for shifting your mindset. Mike talks about vision-to focus-to in the moment. In other words, do you have a vision of what you want or want to be, do you routinely focus on that vision and finally are you in the moment in terms of your actions. Do your actions reflect that focus on that vision.

In another vein I recently read Spain: The Center of the World 1519-1682, by Robert Goodwin. It is a fascinating panorama of the Spanish empires’ rise, golden years and decline. It is very readable and covers politics, culture, art and literature in a very interesting way. It connects the mindset of the people and those cultural expressions.  I gained a great insight into the intricacies of Cervantes, Garcilaso, de la Vega,  El Greco and many others.  A great primer on the Hapsburg dynasty as well.

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