Raise your B2B Sales Standard


Selling complex solutions B2B is a demanding task. The client’s politics, strategies and the fact that often the buyer’s career is on the line makes those sales seem like a Rubik’s cube of problem solving.

The people who can win 10% more than the average sales person are in high demand. There just isn’t enough of them to go around, I know because I have spent years trying to hire and/or develop them.

There are some basic principles that I have seen in every top professional. While you can study many complex sales strategies, and there is some value in this. Learning the principles and then continuously improving them every day will make a winner, guaranteed.

You can learn the principles with concrete examples in an afternoon, but you spend years getting better at them. Nevertheless, focusing on the principals this week will make you better in a month with measurable results within a quarter.

You must raise your standards for yourself, commit to understand these principles and hone them every single day. Again, improve in increments every single day.

I have posted an overview of these simple to understand principles on the White Forest Partners blog site. Link here: B2B Salesperson’s fundamentals.


David deBoisblanc

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