Entrepreneurship-Partners and Friends


David deBoisblanc, November 5, 2014

As an entrepreneur, the challenges have been not only business but also personal. From a business angle there is the need to build your value,  find clients and deliver spectacular results for clients early. These items alone consume an 80 hour workload.

Additionally, the personal challenges can paralyze the efforts to deliver the business results. Times where there are no tangible results can dampen enthusiasm. On those days when your expenditures outweigh your income, you find your courage being sucked right out of you.

To meet both of these challenges, I have found partners and friends invaluable. Here are some of my experiences:


Partnerships with other firms can be the lifeblood of a new enterprise. I have found partners with complimentary offerings. We share leads and cooperate on the delivery of services bringing growth to both of us.

In this process, I found a very complimentary partner where we have co-developed a solution that has exponentially more value than our stand alone products. This discovery has helped me to happily redefine our go to market strategy.

The networking involved to find great partners also has been a well spring of new ideas; not only of solutions but also of ways of looking at the market and my business strategies.

The addition of a long time business associate that has worked with me at several different companies, has brought the value of friendship to the table. This friend, yes he is  a trusted business friend, has brought new ideas, new firepower to my efforts and dependable eyes to our operations.


My friend joining me has given me encouragement by trusting me enough to join me in our company. He brings a new level of accountability and boosts my courage on a regular basis.

Partners also have brought me personal encouragement . Many of them have years of success and seeing there results brings vision and resolve. The increasing accountability with these partners, also keeps me focused and determined.

Note how the accountability and encouragement are enhanced by both groups.


The time I have spent networking has been worth it. It involved plenty of time on linked in with many communications that went no where. Eventually, I found myself in conversations that led to face to face meetings. Some of those resulted in meaningful partnerships.

Staying in touch with trusted friends and sharing what I am doing, while seeking their input has added value and new stakeholders in our business.

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2 Responses to Entrepreneurship-Partners and Friends

  1. Johnf7 says:

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  2. John, much success with your site

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