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Self Starting and Experience

David deBoisblanc When you are inexperienced and just starting out, how do you stand out? Hard work and focus. When I was in the Navy, I was assigned to the USS Forrestal, specifically in the auxiliary engineering division. The auxiliary engineering … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my clients, colleagues and friends. The friends mostly overlap with the other categories. I always feel better when I thank Providence for what I do have instead of brooding on what is lacking. Best Wishes to all … Continue reading

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Your Brain On Porn | Evolution has not prepared your brain for today’s Internet porn

There is an epidemic of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men under 30. This was extraordinarily rare 20 years ago. There is increasing evidence that the use of high speed internet porn is the cause of ED in men of all … Continue reading

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“Our pipeline does not support our revenue goals,” the CEO said with more than a hint of concern. The VP of Sales feels that gnawing in the pit of his stomach because the CEO is correct about the pipeline and the … Continue reading

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The Lazy Man’s Guide to Wealth

Victor Pride at Bold and Determined. He is worth a read. The Lazy Man’s Guide to Wealth.

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▶ Happy -One of the more interesting characters on SOA

Not a star of the show, but he has some of the best lines. “Oh yes I will” ▶ Before the Anarchy – Happy – YouTube.

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Temporary Addiction

     David deBoisblanc November 13, 2014 For the most part, I find television to be a waste of time. It impairs time to be productive in writing, physical training, chores, contemplation, etc. But I have to admit that I … Continue reading

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