Oracle’s Engineered Systems

At BIAS I have had the opportunity to talk to several very large big box retailers, a major bank, a major industrial conglomerate and a premier insurance firm about the performance improvements experienced utilizing Oracle’s engineered systems, specifically the Exadata configuration as well as the Exalytics configuration.

The improvements were so impressive that I am almost loathe to mention the particulars because it sounds like hyperbolic nonsense. We have seen vastly improved system responses like processes that took 10 hours reduced to 40 minutes, and greatly reduced time for the Oracle DBAs maintaining the system and allowing them to work on enterprise enhancing projects.

From a layman’s point of view, the secret sauce is not the “speeds and feeds” of the hardware but the very clever installed and tuned software and firmware that greatly reduces the I/O activity that is one of the most significant bottlenecks to performance.

Oracle has been on to something here for the last few years and now have widened the gap with 12C database and to some extent with their storage. Oracle’s 12C has features that will radically improve performance in any hardware environment but the effects are synergistically amplified within the Exadata environment. Furthermore, adding Oracle storage brings other performance advantages well.

The Oracle on Oracle story is proving to be very interesting.I would be interested to hear from other IT leaders to see if they have seen the same thing.

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